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About Us



ITB was formed back in 1995 by Tony Mattucci, with a background in truck body building, rentals, full service leasing and freight sales. The idea was, "to form a reliable 7 days a week transportation service."


Shortly after forming ITB, he was joined by Tony Silvestri, who brought with him strong, national sales experience. Together, these two manage one of the most reliable, honest and customer-oriented trucking companies operating in North America offering over 50 years of combined experience.


“We know transportation inside-out.”


Good thing about us? We grew up in this business. Our management worked their way up from the loading docks to make this the successful business it is today.


What's in it for you? We know transportation inside-out. We are well aware of the challenges ahead and we have the right solutions to meet them effectively. We go above and beyond customer expectations with complete dedication to customer satisfaction. Some people call this dependable; others call it reliable or efficient.


We would rather call it "just the perfect fit for your transportation needs!"



We provide LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services throughout North America, we also provide warehousing and distribution and we can locally service the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

We move goods to and from the United States, across Canada, or locally just around the corner. It is ITB Transport that moves freight from your door to anywhere in North America, faster, easier and more dependably.



Expedited Time Sensitive Shipment throughout North America


Even thinking about it makes you shiver? Well, it shouldn't. We know how sensitive this matter is and more importantly, we know exactly how to handle it. After all, this is our specialty!


When the other guys say it can't be done, just relax and give ITB a call anytime, 7 days a week and expect to talk to a knowledgeable ITB professional who knows how to handle the situation. Then leave the rest to us, just fire and forget...we'll take care of the rest!